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Bluestein and Wayne, P.A.

4000 Ponce de Leon Boulevard
Suite 770
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Phone: 305-859-9200
Fax: 305-859-9210
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Resolving Interstate And International Divorce

Successful entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals often conduct business across state and/or international borders. Their financial interests may be diverse, whether involving active multistate enterprises, property management or beneficial interests in estates/trusts/family holdings. At Bluestein and Wayne P.A., we have a long history of working for such clients and cooperating with their business partners and family members in order to facilitate a thorough, but orderly, analysis of all economic components. A collaborative effort is often required with other professionals, whether they be in-house accountants, comptrollers, co-owners, lawyers or trustees.

Our attorneys have a network of professionals with whom they have worked, nationally and internationally, that enables them to garner the resources necessary for a successful outcome. Each client is provided with all necessary team members that may be required for fully informed decision-making. Those team members may contribute to financial analysis and to the resolution of more personal family interactions resulting from the frequency with which persons are at one location versus another. As a result, the legal advice that the client receives is tailored to that particular person’s needs.

Bluestein and Wayne, P.A., has remained intact for in excess of 27 years and has evolved along with the changing world in which people live and work, enabling our lawyers to understand and address the uniqueness of each person’s representation.

When dealing with interstate and/or international components to a client’s financial portfolio, each case may present issues that are unique to that client.

Blue Wave Cresting

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